Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unplug Me

Beguiled by the wily suggestions of Rich Dansky, the fine folks over at Storytellers Unplugged asked me to join their hearty crew of professional writers, editors, and other assorted scalawags. In a moment of dumbfounded excitement—which kept me from begging off due to my soul-crushing deadlines—I accepted.

In the ensuing blizzard of e-mails, I realized that I'd been shanghaied into—ah, signed up for—providing a short essay for the website, once a month, on a particular day. Joe Nassise, who's in charge of the whole shebang, whip-cracked me with the 21st. That starts this month or, as the kids say, today.

So, stop by Storytellers Unplugged and check out my first essay for the crew. While you're there, be sure to poke around and see what the other press-ganged souls have come up with too.