Thursday, December 15, 2011

Submissions Open for Audio Scribes

Our apologies for the delay in putting the Audio Scribes category together. Because this category was assembled late in the year, we are extending the entry deadline to March 1st for this category only. Official language for guidelines for Audio submissions has not been developed, but programs fit the following general guidlines: Audio entries represent full-cast radio-style plays, not readings of short stories or novels, of licensed tie-ins based on games, television shows, movies, etc. Audio entries are first published on CD or MP-3 and not first broadcast on radio. If, after publication, the audio was picked up and aired, that is considered a secondary market. Audio entries must be forty minutes or more in length. Please send published version (i.e., the audio on CD or MP-3 as marketed). If that is not possible, include with your copies of the audio information on publishing. Audio entries must bear a 2011 copyright. Contact the IAMTW at for a list of judges to send your entries to.