Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Scribe Award Nominees

The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers ( co-founders Lee Goldberg & Max Allan Collins are pleased to announce the 2012 nominees for the Scribe Award, honoring excellence in media tie-in writing, and the naming of author Kevin J. Anderson as this year's Grandmaster for his lifetime achievement in the field. Anderson is the author of more than one hundred novels, adding up to over 20 million books in print in thirty languages. His work includes the STAR WARS "Jedi Academy" books, three internationally bestselling X-FILES hardcovers, the Superman novels THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON and ENEMIES & ALLIES, many novelizations (SKY CAPTAIN & THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, etc.) and, of course, the ten globally bestselling DUNE novels he has co-authored with Brian Herbert. He has won or been nominated for numerous prestigious honors, including the Nebula Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and a New York Times Notable Book prize...and now he can add IAMTW Grandmaster to the list of his extraordinary achievements. The awards will be given at a ceremony in July at this year's Comic-Con convention in San Diego. GRANDMASTER: KEVIN J. ANDERSON GENERAL FICTION / BEST ORIGINAL NOVEL: ROYAL PAINS: FIRST DO NO HARM by D.P. Lyle MIKE HAMMER: KISS HER GOODBYE by Max Allan Collins & Mickey Spillane BURN NOTICE: THE BAD BEAT by Tod Goldberg SPECULATIVE FICTION/BEST ORIGINAL NOVEL STAR WARS: KNIGHT ERRANT by John Jackson Miller DUNGEONS & DRAGONS – FORGOTTEN REALMS: BRIMSTONE ANGELS by Erin M. Evans SUPERNATURAL: COYOTE’S KISS by Christa Faust DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: THE SHARD AXE by Marshiela Rockwell PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE PRICE OF FREEDOM by A.C. Crispin BEST ADAPTATION GENERAL OR SPECULATIVE CONAN THE BARBARIAN by Michael Stackpole CRYSIS LEGION by Peter Watts TRANSFORMERS: DARK SIDE OF THE MOON by Peter David COWBOYS & ALIENS by Joan D. Vinge BEST YOUNG ADULT ME & MY MONSTERS: MONSTER MANNERS by Rory Growler (Ian Pike) THE SMURFS movie tie-in by Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon THUNDERBIRDS: EXTREME HAZARD by Joan Marie Verba BEST AUDIO MIKE HAMMER: ENCORE FOR MURDER by Max Allan Collins & Mickey Spillane DARK SHADOWS: THE LOST GIRL by D. Lynn Smith HIGHLANDER: ALL THE KINGS HORSES by Scott Andrews DOCTOR WHO: THE MANY DEATHS OF JO GRANT by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To Enter the 2013 Scribe Awards

The IAMTW will present awards (explained below) for books published in 2012. We will also honor one "Grandmaster" for career achievement in the field. 


   BEST NOVEL (All Genres and Ages) 

A licensed, original novel using pre-existing characters or worlds from a movie, television series, computer game, play, or an existing series of novels (i.e., new novels extending a literary franchise, i.e. DUNE, James Bond, etc.) 


   BEST ADAPTATION (All Genres & Ages) 

A licensed novelization based on an existing screenplay, whether a feature film, episodic teleplay, computer game, script, or play. 


   BEST AUDIO (All Genres) 

A licensed audio play, not a staged reading of published work, using characters or worlds from a movie, television series, computer game, play or an existing series of novels. 


   GRANDMASTER (For Career Achievement) 

How The Scribes Are Judged 

The judging committees are made up of five of your peers from within the organization, writers who know the unique obstacles and restrictions that tie-in writers face, because they are tie-in writers themselves. The judges will read all the submissions in their category and select both the nominees and the winners. 

Rules for Submission
  • Authors can submit multiple titles, but only ONE BOOK PER CATEGORY/ONE CATEGORY PER BOOK (i.e. you can't submit the same book in two different categories or multiple titles in one category. Authors who've done several books in any one category need to pick the one title that seems strongest and submit only that).
  • Only authors can submit their books for consideration but we encourage you to have your editors/publishers send the actual books on your behalf so you don't have to raid your author's copies or pay the postage.
  • Judges can submit their work, but obviously not in the categories they are judging.
  • The book must be a licensed work published for the first time between Jan 1, 2012 and Dec. 31, 2012. Only books with a copyright date of 2012 will be eligible for consideration. Entrants with books published in late December 2012 are required to get copies of eligible work into the hands of the category judges no later than January 15, 2013 to allow adequate time to review the titles. Galleys are acceptable.
  • For Audio Books, the entries must be full-cast radio-style plays, not readings of short stories or novels. They must be first released on CD or MP-3 and not first broadcast on radio (if, after released, the audio was picked up and aired, that is considered a secondary market). Audio entries must be forty minutes or more in length. Audio entries mustbeat a 2012 copyright.
  • All entrants MUST include a cover letter with each book or audio. The cover letter must include the following information: the Category you are entering, Title of the Book, Name of the Author, Publication Date, Editor & Publisher, and email & "snailmail" addresses and phone numbers for the author and editor.
  • A copy of all submissions—the book or, in the case of audio books, the CD or MP-3 as marketed, and cover letter—should be sent to each judge in the category you are entering and to the IAMTW. Please send an email for the list of judges and their mailing addresses. IAMTW members can find the list in the MEMBERS ONLY section of this site.
  • A list of all the books submitted will be posted on the IAMTW site and updated regularly. The nominees will be announced, to entrants and the media, in March 2013. The Scribes will be awarded in July 2013 at Comicon in San Diego.