Sunday, March 8, 2009

podcast discussion of media tie-ins

I'm one of the hosts of a twice-monthly pop-culture podcast, The Chronic Rift. On alternate episodes, we have a Roundtable discussion, during which two of the hosts are joined by a professional and a fan in the field of whatever we're discussing. In the past, we've covered Doctor Who, Live-Action Role-Playing games, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, the evolution of horror, whether or not science fiction has been predictive of the future, and so on.

The newest episode has just gone live, and in it we discuss media tie-in fiction. Hosts John S. Drew and myself are joined by IAMTW member Jeff Mariotte and "Complete Starfleet Library" web-master Steve Roby to discuss the ins and outs of tie-in fiction.

You can subscribe to The Chronic Rift on iTunes, or download episodes directly from either the Rift web site or from podOmatic's Rift page.

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