Monday, August 10, 2009

End of One Era, Start of Another

Bestselling author Karen Traviss talks on her blog about her difficult decision to make IMPERIAL COMMANDO #2 her last STAR WARS novel...and about the unique challenges tie-in writers face. Here's an excerpt:
Tie-in work is, by its very nature, subject to a lot more unexpected change than other writing - it's someone else's copyright, and the writer has to live with that. It goes with the territory. That's why professional tie-in writers don't get emotionally attached to what they're working on. It's not that I take the task casually; but it's not my property, and the stewardship of it is always temporary. A pro has to be able to shrug, move on, and say: "Okay, nobody died, and the cheque didn't bounce - result! Next?"

But as a writer, I have a moral deal with you, the reader - if I hook you with a story, my part of the deal is to follow through and give you a satisfying outcome. If changes beyond my control mean I can't give you that, then I won't do a half a job. You deserve better than that.

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