Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Do No Harm

King's River Life Magazine recently interviewed IAMTW member Dr. D.P. Lyle on his new ROYAL PAINS tie-in, "First Do No Harm." Here's an excerpt:
DPLBy profession I’m a cardiologist and I practice in Orange County, California. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. I grew up in Alabama where I attended the University of Alabama for college and the University of Alabama College of Medicine for medical school and internship. I then moved to Houston, Texas where I did my residency in internal medicine and then my cardiology fellowship at the Texas Heart Institute. After that I moved to California and have been here ever since.
Marilyn: How you came about being chosen to write the Royal Painsnovels based on the TV series.
 DPL: This came about from my friend Lee Goldberg. He writes the Diagnosis Murder and the Monk media tie-in novels and he was approached about doing the Royal Pains series. He suggested me to the publisher and that’s how it began.
Marilyn: Will you tell us a little bit about the process of putting a TV series into book form?
DPL: Basically when you write a tie-in novel you are using someone else’s characters and creating stories based on the series. This means that there are restrictions regarding what you can do since they control the characters. You can’t go too far afield. So basically you’re taking someone else’s characters and creating a story around them, which of course must be approved by the creators from the beginning and throughout the project. It’s been an interesting and challenging process. I’ve learned a lot, which was my main goal in taking on this project. It’s a new type of writing for me.

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