Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Me on TV

You can catch me and criminal defense attorney Thomas Mesereau together on the latest episode of INSIDER EXCLUSIVE with Steve Murphy on the web and on a cable station near you. Steve is a congenial interviewer and, although he makes a couple errors (he calls me the "creator and host" of MONK on the "USA Today" network), it was a lot of fun to be a guest and I think you'll enjoy watching. I talk quite a bit about writing the MONK and DIAGNOSIS MURDER tie-ins. I taped as second episode that day, with another criminal defense attorney, and will share that link with you as soon as I get it.

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Annie Wicking & Loman Austen said...

I'm sorry I can't see it as I live in England. It sound as it was a lot of fun.

Good luck and I hope you have some more great times.

Best wishes
Annie Wicking